Thursday, October 23, 2008

To My lil Bro and family.....

Everyone tells up how much we have grown up and how they haven't seen us since we were wee little tottlers but you just kind of brush it off and think nothing about till you realize WOW we really have grown and it just has went by way to fast!! Well it just kind of hit me these past couple day that MY BROTHER IS DATING AND DRIVING!!!! And all the things that he gets to do so much faster than me just cause he's a boy really doesn't's just my little bother the one I use to play school and dressup with is actually going out and doing his own thing getting into his own trouble and all these years years it use to be only me that got into trouble. It's so strange to look back now and see all the things you missed because you were fussing with your parents or just doing your own thing with your "at the time Boyfriend." Most people have their regrets and I definately have mine about things I did as a High School Kid (can't say teenager since I still am lol) but you just don't realize everything till you get older I can't believe everything has went by so fast and I missed everything. To my parents I am so very sorry for the teen moments I had when I just wouldn't listen and did things I shouldn't have, I am sorry for not spending enough time with you as a family I miss it sometimes now and I just want you both to know that I love you and miss being at home although I love my life now and wouldn't change anything I do miss you both very much!! And I miss my little brother and I am sorry for not being the best sister I could have been I love you so very much and hope you know you can talk to me about anything and you can come over and stay anytime, I just hope you know that! Anyways what I wrote this message was to say is how life you passes by way to fast, your going to sunday school and sitting in " big church" next to your daddy with your precious moments bible lol next thing you know your walking down the isle in church with your daddy saying I do to the man you truley love and care for knowing he holds your heart and future in his hands. I guess it just all kind of hits you a while after you get married and finally see everything in truth. I love you mommy and daddy with all my heart and you to bubba!! And hope you know I am missing you all so much!

Oh and here are my little bro and his new girlyfriend...thier cute!

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