Monday, October 20, 2008

My Babies

And yes Petey is winking! Hehe

Watch out with Max and his cute self!! lol

Aren't they just the two cutest little brothers you've ever seen??! They're so sweet.

Here are just some new photos of the Wilkinson family we are all doing very well....and I finally got the a king size bed!!! And let me tell you it is just heavenly!! :p But Max and Pete are doing well if you hadn't heard the news Max had Anmonia...or however you spell it and he is doing a lot better he's definately more playful now. And then Petey came down with a very bad alergic reaction, he has over 10 pills a day and I have to bathe him every other day! He has to keep his feet bandages because he had chewed the pads of his feet off. But I am so very happy to say he's doing better than every his rash on his belly is gone and he's a playful pup again. But other wise nothing else is new just work school and more work!

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