Monday, September 15, 2008

A house and a bed and a .........Dog? lol just kidding

We are looking for a house a I am so excited only thing is I want all of the nice ones I can never decide..... : ) I am so very excited about decorating and designing and all the good stuff women get to do with houses! But only thing is we can go off and do stuff like we do now we'll have to save and be careful....which sucks but I want my own home and own yard and own king size bed which I am really trying hard to get by the way Greg's only problem is that the mattress is in dire need of replaceing other wise he like the closeness and guess what I have to deal with.....getting beaten to death in the head with an elbow....pushed off the bed and sweating to death from his body heat....I like my space and nice airconditioner would be heavenly! MAybe I wouldn't mind him smothering me while I sleep if I didn't sweat to death. Lol I know I complain a lot about my "bed space" but I am a clostrophobic person....not really but it seems that way....but I do have my nights that I don't mind the snuggling......

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I wanna go!!

I don't know why but just this week I thought of finding a place to go hiking...Just pack up bag and go to the woods somewhere nice for like 3 or 4 days just wandering through the woods. It sounds so nice to just get away... but where would I go to find a place like that? Somewhere nice and interesting. Anyone know of anywhere.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


You know what I just thought about last night the fact that I use to be scared out of my mind about having kids....I kinda told my self that there was no was I was going to have to go thru so much pain and actually get shots! Ahhh But you know what Now I am so excited when the time will come and we will decide it's time for a baby. Of course We need a actual house not a apartment , well at least thats what we both agreed I am still scared to death of all the pain that I am going to have to endure when the time comes but I am so excited about have a baby, it will be hard, but I know I will be able to do it and I am so very excited! I just see people in Walmart and around town that just do not know how to disipline there kids....I hope and pray that Greg and I are going to actually suceed at the disipline part. But I have so many expectation in my being a mother I just hope it will all be sucessful. But anyway someday we are going to have a cute little boy and a cute little girl running around hopefully... :p

Monday, September 8, 2008

Marriage is easy?What?

Who ever says marriage is easy is crazy!!
Well, of course I could call myself crazy about 5 months ago then.... who would ever think that being with the person that you love so unconditionally could be so stressful? Well, at least sometimes for me it is. I guess I am just so anal about doing stuff now and not taking the time to just relax and enjoy being married is my problem.

your never truly satisfied with just being childhood you always want we want a house, then we will want kids, and on and on.....

You think that you are two people with the same ideas and likes...well you find out a lot about him when you live with him 24/7 like....he leaves drawers open on the dresser after getting stuff out...and doesn't want a just 10 more dogs like you likes to stay at home and you love to go places on vacation.....
But you know the good always out way the....difficult....
God Bless his soul because he tries to help out when you have a horrid day and I think that is the best thing about being married you can cuddle up and explain every part of your day to him....and the bawling your eyes out in front of him and not being embarrassed but being loved so much that even in your ugliest moments he loves all of you.....the standing by me when others push me around...and just wanting to sleep in the morning and waking up to his gorgeous face .....and many more moments I say certainly out way the difficult parts of marriage but don't let anyone tell you that marriage will be easy....for God sake listen to them!! lol