Monday, September 15, 2008

A house and a bed and a .........Dog? lol just kidding

We are looking for a house a I am so excited only thing is I want all of the nice ones I can never decide..... : ) I am so very excited about decorating and designing and all the good stuff women get to do with houses! But only thing is we can go off and do stuff like we do now we'll have to save and be careful....which sucks but I want my own home and own yard and own king size bed which I am really trying hard to get by the way Greg's only problem is that the mattress is in dire need of replaceing other wise he like the closeness and guess what I have to deal with.....getting beaten to death in the head with an elbow....pushed off the bed and sweating to death from his body heat....I like my space and nice airconditioner would be heavenly! MAybe I wouldn't mind him smothering me while I sleep if I didn't sweat to death. Lol I know I complain a lot about my "bed space" but I am a clostrophobic person....not really but it seems that way....but I do have my nights that I don't mind the snuggling......


Bekah said...

Hi Jess!! I saw your blog listed on Mel's and thought I would check it out. LOVE the picture of you and two are so cute!

I too am looking at bigger beds, but that's mostly because I'm too tall for my double size feet always hang off the end. Unfortunately, I don't think anything larger will fit in my tiny apartment.

Kelly Spezzano said...

Jess, my dad is known for commenting on people's blogs and he has to use the "annonymous" id which you don't have enabled(becuase he doesn't have a google account) so he asked me to please post this on his behalf to you and Greg:

Hi Jess & Greg:
1st let me say congratulations to you both on your wedding. Sorry we could not make it. I have known Greg for a few years now and He has always endeared himself to us and I continue to think highly of him. I'm so happy for you two guys. I just have to believe that Jess is as great as Greg. I'm just so sorry we have not yet met her. Jess you mentioned Hiking. One of my most favorite spots Is Vogle State Park in North Georgia Mountains. It is easily a one day drive. Two hours northeast of Atlanta. The Park is just a few miles south of Blairsville, Ga. Vogle has a wonderful camp ground or you can choose to stay in cabins at the park. They Have tons of trails to hike and are within 1/2 mile of the Appalatian Trail. There is a lake in the park with swimming or paddle boating, an ice cold creek to wade in or Putt-Putt golf. Weekends they generally have some form of enertaiment such as a local musical group which is free. There are just oddles of things to do around the area such as Helen (Alpine Viliage) For Tacky Tourist Shopping. Cleveland Baby General Hospital, Home of the cabbaga patch baby dolls. (They have a Birth every hour) and There is places to go tubing or white water rafting very close by.
Closer to home I think Lithia State Park if its still there. Or Hillsborough State Park. The Ocala National forest is close and convienent also.
I just stumbled on your blog for the first time today but I'm glad to wish you guys the best of life together.

Brother Sonny Miller,
Kelly Spezzano's Dad
aka; Borrowed Dad
aka; Borrowed Poppa

And then I will say good luck on the house hunting... it's a big responsibility to own a home, but it does have it's perks (like the decorating and designing and making it your own)- Just remember you have a great Home Inspector for a father-in-law... USE HIM! :)
And don't forget, call us if you need help moving! ;)